1. Compatibility with Internet Explorer Versions 9 and 10
  2. Wherever possible, names are sorted "Lastname, Firstname"
  3. Wherever possible, the word “Resident” has taken the place of “Patient.”
  4. In the Trend Report, deceased and discharged residents do not appear.
  5. The Trend Report has a date range selector.
  6. The Facility report has a date range selector.
  7. The Facility Report for Pressure Ulcers includes a column labeled Stage/Thickness that displays the wound as Stage 1, Stage II, Stage III, Stage IV, Unstageable, Full, or sDTI.
  8. In the Facility Report, the number of residents “Admitted with” and “Facility acquired” wounds are totaled.
  9. In the Facility Report, the number of Pressure Ulcers are totaled by type.
  10. In the Facility Report, Pressure Ulcers by stage are totaled by unit within the facility, and a "Location" field has been added to the resident demographic set up.
  11. Re-opening a wound is now available to the Admin, but the nurse MUST save the wound after it is re-opened for it to be saved as a re-opened wound.
  12. The nurse can keep interim notes next to the wound name under patient.  The notes show under the wound in Wound History, and are ONLY available for OPEN wounds.
  13. The Wound Evaluation form has been streamlined to make data entry easier.  Patient information is at the top and the final field is the Physician’s Order.
  14. In the Wound Evaluation form, mandatory fields have been reduced to make data entry faster for nurses who choose to track less information.  The Wound Bed has been changed to suit the latest list provided, and Tube Tracking has been completely expunged.
  15. The Product Matrix has been simplified, and a 5”x5” Calcium Alginate added.
  16. Finalizing, Evaluating and Editing work as expected: this is already in production.  Note that, if a Gentell nurse orders products via an Eval after the facility nurse's evaluation, the Gentell nurse’s name will be attached to the Eval – even though she is not the person who evaluated the patient but only placed the order.  
  17. The Resident Screen contains additional fields to track enrollments in (1) the Wound Care Capitation program and (2) the Skin Care Capitation program.
  18. The Resident Screen contains additional fields to track allergies for (1) Sulfur (2) Collagen and (3) Tape.
  19. The Resident Screen contains a second phone number for the responsible party (Day and Cell Phone #).
  20. The Resident Wound Report prints 4 weeks of Wound Evals on a single page to conserve paper in the resident’s record.  The Wound Report also provides a search box.