What is Fastcare?

Fastcare is a wound documentation, reporting and product ordering system that operates on tablet computers connected wirelessly to cloud-based, secure servers.  Fastcare will also operate on a local computer, which is ideal for printing.

Fastcare is designed to improve patient care, speed up treatments, reduce costs, ensure accurate and efficient ordering, and ensure compliance with government standards.

Fastcare is HIPAA compliant. Fastcare is a hierarchical system that segments information and capability to local personnel, nursing home chain management, and your company's administrators according to HIPAA Guidelines.

Fastcare is F-686 compliant. The program is designed according to guidelines presented by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP).

Fastcare generates reports required for government compliance, sends orders instantly to wound care product suppliers, and enables nurses to request and receive advice on wound treatment by sending wound images to remote certified wound specialists.

Fastcare automatically generates wound-related ICD-10 Codes for Medicare billing.

Fastcare can integrate with leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) suppliers for patient census information.