A Note on Printing from Tablets

While it is possible to print from tablets, it is usually problematic for two reasons: (1) tablets were not originally designed with print drivers in mind: unlike computers, they do not yet easily send reports wirelessly to a printer or even enable you to plug in a printer's USB cable and (2) the wireless software that enables tablets to connect to printers requires approval by your facility's IT department. If you would like to print reports from a tablet, please ask someone in your IT department to install Google Cloud Print or to contact Gentell Fastcare Support at 215-788-2700.


Recommended Fastcare Printing Technique 

The easiest way to print Fastcare reports is to login to www.gentellfastcare.com on a computer with an attached printer using one of the two supported browsers: Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

To print a report:

  1. Login to Fastcare on a computer.
  2. Click on the Facility button
  3. Click on the report:  Order Forms, Eval Forms, Facility Report or Trend Report. The QAPI Report is part of the Facility Report and will print out when you print the Facility Report.  


  4. Select the attributes for each report if required. For example, to print Eval Forms, choose a date range, click on the Show button, and then choose a resident.

  5. When the report you want is in your browser, right-click on your mouse and choose Print from the pop-up menu.

One-Button Mice and Browser Printing Functions

If you only have one button on your mouse, click on the tool menu in the browser's upper right corner. In Internet Explorer, this looks like a gear; in Chrome, it looks is a stack of horizontal lines. Choose Print from the tool menu.

Tool menu in Internet Explorer: click the gear  

The tool menu in Internet Explorer: click the gear in the upper right

The tool menu in Google Chrome: click the three parallel lines in the upper right