This 4-minute video includes a wound evaluation demonstration started about 0:50.  

Step-by-step process for completing a wound evaluation with a Fastcare tablet:

  1. Login to Fastcare.
  2. Tap the Resident button.
  3. A list of residents appears that is sorted by last name. Drag your finger up and down the list to scroll through it.
  4. Tap the name of the resident you want to evaluate.
  5. Tap the Evaluate Wounds button:
  6. Choose a wound in the left column or tap the Add New Wound button:

  7. If you chose a current wound the last evaluation is displayed. To begin a new evaluation, tap on the green Evaluate Wound button in the upper right corner:
  8. Update the fields. Mandatory fields have an asterisk next to the field name. If you do not fill out ALL the mandatory fields, you cannot save the observation.
  9. Data entry has been designed for the quickest possible method. (A) Tap on a typing field: a keyboard appears and the field moves above the keyboard for visibility. (B) Tap on a drop-down field, and the choices will become a large list on the screen. (C) Yes / No boxes are pink for "no" and green for "yes" so that are easily distinguishable. (D) Check boxes can be tapped to select more than one choice.
  10. Scroll down to the Treatment and General Comments note boxes. You can add any description here or include additional tunneling or undermining information. This information will print on the wound report.
  11. Scroll down to the Save Observation button and tap on it. While you can place an order at this point, it is not necessary. Orders can be placed independently of wound evaluations and will appear in the wound history.
  12. If you have not completed ALL the mandatory fields, the form will not save. Scroll to the top for a list of mandatory fields that you must complete. Fill them out, and then tap Save Observation again.
  13. You will return to the Evaluate Wound screen where you can choose another wound to evaluate.
  14. If you are finished evaluating wounds on this patient, tap on the orange Patient Done button in the upper right corner:
  15. On the final screen, review the wounds evals for this resident. To return to wound evaluations, tap on Cancel. To confirm your work, tap the Confirm button. You will return to the resident record.