Fastcare requires mandatory fields to maintain compliance with regulation F686 for pressure ulcers.

However, the number of mandatory fields can be reduced by a Gentell Administrator. This feature is not available to most users, and must be specially requested by the facility and approved by Gentell.

Mandatory fields might be reduced in these situations:

- The facility is new and requests a training period.

- The facility is emailing or faxing Wound Evals to Gentell for data entry; data entry personnel cannot invent data that is not available to them.

- The facility has expressed in writing that it is not concerned about F686 compliance.


  1. Login to Fastcare with Administrative privileges. This feature does not appear to non-administrative users.
  2. Tap the Facility DataSet button.
  3. Search for the Facility or tap Search for a list of all facilities.
  4. Tap on the facility name to toggle the color to yellow or green. GREEN means ALL mandatory fields; YELLOW changes that facility to minimal mandatory fields. (Certain fields are required for identification.)