This feature is only available to Fastcare Admins.

The help button on every Fastcare page can be directed to a specific FAQ. For instance, the Help button on the Facility page can be directed to an FAQ that explains how to use the Facility page. This is called "context-sensitive help" because the help delivered is responsive to the context of the help button. It saves users time and cuts down on frustration. 

An Administrator can customize help by logging in and tapping on the Helpset button on the main page.

The Helpset button will NOT appear to non-Administrative logins.

NOTE:  Admin Help buttons will appear differently from those of other users, so test with a standard user login.

This is a typical Fastcare URL.  This URL is for the "Show Firm Screen" about the company's Rep Firm:

In this example, the last two parts of the link are the "controller" (company) and the "function" (showcompany). Note that in the table below, this controller and function are related to the last two components of the Freshdesk URL, which connects the appropriate help screen.