We recommend that you print from a computer. (You can operate Fastcare on any computer by signing in at www.gentellfastcare.com)
While it is possible to print from tablets, this usually requires the IT staff to allow new devices to access to the printer.

Patient notes can be kept in two places.

1. You can keep general notes in the Resident Record and attach them to a wound. For more information about this type of note, see:  http://fastcare.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/146762

2. You can take notes during a Wound Evaluation and store the notes in either the Treatment Comments or General Comments section during Wound Evaluations.


  • General notes gathered in the Resident Record (Option 1 above) are not reflected in the Wound Evaluation report described below (Option 2 above).
  • Notes will not appear in the Wound Evaluation Report unless the Wound Evals have been finalized prior to generating the report.

To Print a Wound Evaluation Report by Resident:

  1. Tap Facility
  2. Tap Eval Forms
  3. Choose a date range and tap Show.
  4. Tap Show all or the name of the resident for whom you want wound reports. You will see Treatment comments and General comments in a report like the one below. 
  5. On a computer, right-click on your mouse, and choose Print from the menu.  Most browsers also print with Ctrl-P or by choosing Print from the browser's menu (see illustration below.)

Printing from the browser's Control menu: this is an illustration from Chrome:

Click on the icon in the upper right corner: