Almost every Gentell product is documented in the order system with both a brochure and a SDS (Safety Data Sheet.) If a Gentell SD Sheet is not available, please notify us at

Accessing Safety Data Sheets

You do not need to login to Fastcare to access SD Sheets. Simply click on the Order Products button from or click on this link:

Accessing SD Sheets from within Fastcare

Tap the Place Order button to reach the products. You will not actually complete the order, so, if you are only looking up product information, do not add products to the cart or place an order.  Tap here for more about the Place Order button

In the product ordering system, you can (1) choose from a product category (2) enter a search term and tap on the Search for Products button or (3) tap on a picture of product you see.

Once you tap on a picture, you will see more detail about the product. Notice the two links for Brochure & Instructions and SDS. Tapping on either link will produce that product's brochure or Safety Data Sheet.

How to Download Safety Data Sheets

Facilities are required to maintain a file of SD Sheets for products that they use, and you can download or print PDFs of Gentell SD Sheets by following these steps:

  1. Use a computer rather than a tablet to print or download SD Sheets. You can login to from a computer just as you would on a tablet.
  2. Follow the instructions above to click on the Place Order button and choose the product you want.
  3. To print, click on the link below the product marked SDS. The sheet will appear, and you can print to your local printer.
  4. Right click on the link below the product marked SDS.
  5. Choose Save link as... and tell your computer where to save the PDF file.

NOTE: If the SDS link does not appear, Gentell is updating it. Please contact the Gentell marketing department at 215-788-2700 for the sheet that you require.