Fastcare takes three kinds of pictures:

Facesheets -- the cover sheet to a resident's medical record that contains the relevant medical and billing information

Resident ID (face) -- to help identify and form a bond with the resident

Wounds -- images of the wounds to document progress or to share with a Gentell Wound and Product Specialist for treatment advice

No photos are required. The most frequently used photo feature is the Facesheet photo, which conveniently copies resident information.


Fastcare no longer requires the use of a tablet-based program to control the camera: you do not need to launch SL4A in order to take a photo because the camera controls are now in the browser. The new control also works on most popular tablets including Apple iPads.

Photo Overview

  1. Position the tablet and press the yellow picture button for the type of picture you want. Follow the directions listed for each photo type.
  2. To start, tap the camera icon. Take the photo, and choose to discard or save the photo. If you discard the photo, take another photo.
  3. Once you approve of your photo, tap the Upload button to add the photo to Fastcare.

Take a Resident ID or Facesheet Picture

  1. Tap on the Resident's record. You should see a screen like the illustration below.
  2. Position the tablet according to the instructions below the button. For instance, the Resident ID button notes that the tablet is in "portrait" position (vertical) with the camera controls toward the top.
  3. Tap one of the two yellow buttons: Take Resident ID or Take Facesheet Picture (both #1 in the illustration below)
  4. The camera's image shows on the tablet with a large camera button. When you are satisfied with the image, press the camera button.
  5. After a few seconds, tap the Show Upload Picture button (#2).
  6. If you are dissatisfied with your photo, take another picture; if you want to blank out the photo altogether, take a picture of a blank piece of paper or a wall.

Take a Wound Picture

From the resident's record, tap on any wound. For instance, in the illustration above, tap on the Leg wound.

  1. Position the tablet and tap the Take Wound Picture button. The image will fill the screen; tap the camera button to take the picture.
  2. Wait a few seconds and tap the Show (Refresh) Picture button. Fastcare has sent the picture to the server and has added a thumbnail below.
  3. If you don't like the picture, tap on the Manage Pictures button where you can delete pictures.
  4. To see the full-size picture, tap on the thumbnail. You can take more than one picture of a wound.


  1. To take photos from Fastcare, go to the Home screen, scroll right by dragging your finger on the screen, and tap the icon marked, Browser.
  2. Tap on the Home icon, then drag left to see the camera icon or check the camera icon in Apps. The camera should be set to: Store location to On, Focus mode to Auto, Exposure to 0, Picture size to 3M Pixels, and Picture quality to Fine.
  3. While in the camera screen, make sure that your tablet is using the correct camera for photos (NOT the camera facing you.) Find the camera icon with the circular arrows and tap on it until the image from the rear-exposed camera shows on the screen.