This feature is only available for Gentell administrators who approve orders. It will not appear for all other Fastcare operators.

The order approval process ensures that each wound receives the appropriate products: for instance, the product is large enough to cover the size of the wound.

Approving an Order

Upon signing into Fastcare, a Gentell Fastcare Administrator sees a list of orders. You can return to the list at any time by clicking on the All Orders button.

1. Click on a patient name.

2. Click on a wound.  A patient can have more than one wound; you can also scroll down on the right to see more wounds in the list.

3. Click on the Print View button.  If you are not signed is as a Gentell administrator, you will not see this button.

4. Print View creates a unified wound report that includes information on (1) the facility (2) the patient (3) the doctor and (4) the wound.

To print, right click on the report and choose Print.