UPDATED 2/14/17

Linking your corporate email to your Gmail account is a two step process:

1. Link your Outlook email account to your Gmail account.

2. Add the Gmail app to your phone or tablet. NOTE: use the GMAIL app instead of the EMAIL app. 


A.  Open a free Gmail account and login to the account.

B.  In Gmail, go to Settings and then click on Forward and POP/IMAP:

C.  Enable POP, Enable IMAP, Save Changes, and choose Accounts:

D. In Accounts, choose Add another email address you own:

E: Fill in the form that appears next. Use the entire email address including @yourcompany.com 

F: Fill in the next form. The Username is your entire Gentell email address: The password is the password to your Gentell account:

NOTE:  Change the SMTP for Outlook to smtp.office365.com and update your new password.

G. The message below appears. Since you must go to your Gentell email now, the easiest action is to Click on the link the confirmation email in your Gentell email.

H. Login to your Gentell email. Click on the Inbox, find the email, and click on the confirmation link.

I. You should see this message:

When you are composing messages in Gmail, you can choose your sending ("From") address:

Now add the Gmail app to your phone or tablet and sign in.