Gentell distributors and resellers can use Fastcare to place purchase orders, add their company's customized packing list to a shipment, and receive tracking numbers on each shipment.

This requires that you have both a Purchase Order and Packing List in PDF form for upload. 

To place a distributor PO order, follow this step-by-step procedure:

  1. 1. Log into your account (a distributor is a "facility" in Fastcare), and then click on the Place Order button:

  2. Click on the New Order button:

    For the remainder of this procedure, please refer to this screen image and the instructions below:

  3. Add the name of the account (A), shipping address (B), and Purchase Order (C)
  4. Choose PDF files for the Purchase Order and Packing List (D). A packing list is required. 
  5. Click both Upload File buttons to upload the Purchase order and Packing List (E).
  6. Choose the product you are shipping (F). The Product Number will be automatically filled in.
  7. Choose the number of individual units or cases or both (G). For instance, you can order 4 individual units and 2 cases.
  8. To add another item to the purchase order, click on the Add button.
  9. When you are satisfied, click on the Submit Order button.
  10. The next page shows the Order Preview. If you approve, click on Confirm Order. To make changes, click on Back to Order Page.

How to add more Products to your PO page

  1. Go to the Facility screen and click the Product List button.

  2. Click on the check boxes for the products you want, and then scroll to the bottom and click on Update Product List.