What are ICD-10 Codes?

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Classification of Diseases (ICD) has served the healthcare community for over a century. The United States implemented the current version (ICD-9) in 1979. While most industrialized countries moved to ICD-10 several years ago, the United States transitioned with a final compliance date of October 1, 2015.

For more information about ICD-10 codes, click here.

How is the Debridement Date or Surgical Date determined?  Click here.

Who can generate ICD-10 Codes in Fastcare?

The system described here is available only to Gentell Wound Education Specialists (WES) who generate ICD-10 codes for third-party billing. If you are not a WES, you will not see this functionality when you sign into Fastcare.

How to Generate an ICD-10 Code

Click here to generate ICD-10 Orders without full Fastcare implementation. ]  

  1. From the resident's record, click on a wound.

  2. Click on Wound History.

  3. In the next page, click on the ICD10 Products button.

  4. On the ICD-10 Order page, you are presented with confirming information about the resident in the blue area of the form. You cannot change this data. Fill out the information in the white fields until the ICD10 Code field calculates. If the code does not calculate, you have probably omitted a field (at least one Wound Bed Description must be checked) or the Wound Laterality (side of the body) is incorrect.

  5. When the ICD-10 Code is calculated, scroll down to choose your products, and then tap on the green Submit Order button in the bottom right.

Pressure Ulcer Sites NON-Pressure Ulcer Sites
Elbow Back
Back, Upper (scapula) Buttock
Back, Lower Ankle
Sacrum, Coccyx Heel & Midfoot  (instep)
Hip, Ischium Other Part of Foot   (toes, bunion)
Buttock Thigh   (above knee)
Back, Buttock, Contiguous Calf   (knee to ankle, posterior)
Ankle Other Part of Lower Leg  (shin, knee)
Heel Chronic Ulcer of Skin Other Site  (forearm,
Head (ears, nose, chin, occipital)       humerus, hand, wrist, chest, abdomen, 
Other Site         fingers, groin, pelvis, g, j, peg tube stoma 
      periwound, bulbous phemphigus

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