If your facility is already using Fastcare, the ICD-10 capability is immediately available; click here for How to Generate an ICD-10 Code.

  1. Facilities that do not use the comprehensive Fastcare wound documentation system can still use Fastcare to generate ICD-10 codes. This requires setting up a facility in Fastcare as an "Order Only" facility.  Login to Fastcare, click on the Facility button, click on New Facility and, when setting up the Facility Type, choose Order Only.

  2. Because only nurses can create a patient, you must also set up at least one nurse. You will also need the doctor for that facility. Tap on Personnel and then Add Facility Person. Choose Level II for Nurse and Physician for Doctor under User Type.

  3. Sign in as the facility nurse, and tap on Patients to create the patients.

  4. The nurse can also set up minimal wounds for each patient and enter this data, which is required for each wound:

  5. Once the patients and wounds are established, the Wound and Product Specialist can generate codes and order products for each patient.