This FAQ applies only to Gentell personnel because order-handling features are not visible to customers, though customers can often view order statuses through reports.

Fastcare is a comprehensive order processing system that can communicate order status to customers and every level of the organization from placement through collection.

Fastcare collects four types of orders:

  1. ICD10 Orders placed by Gentell Wound and Product Specialists (single orders that are authorized in batches and signed off on the tablet)
  2. Stocking or “bulk” orders for cases of wound supplies
  3. Wound Cleanser bulk orders that are drop-shipped to V.A. locations
  4. Consumer orders that are paid online and shipped directly to consumers.

Editing Orders After Placement

ICD10 orders that are approved for Part B can be edited to enable, for instance, the appropriately sized covered to be place on a wound. Other orders are not editable because customers place them with the intention of ordering certain quantities of certain products.

Only a Gentell Officer or Fastcare Administrator can edit an order; you must be logged in as a “GO” to edit orders. If a customer is NOT Part B, then the order is not editable; this could be changed, but was designed into the system because non-part-b orders are essentially like stock orders.

Fastcare Statuses for Each Type of Order

Orders for individual residents can undergo several stages including approval and authorization after placement:

  • Order is placed.
  • Order is authorized by the facility’s doctor. (ICD10 orders only) The doctor considers a group of orders and signs on the Fastcare tablet to approve the batch.
  • Order is approved for efficacy: are these products the proper treatment for this wound? Or: is this treatment approved by Medicare? If not, the order may be edited.
  • Order is approved by billing. Can this treatment be billed?


ICD10 Orders (Gentell Wound and Product Specialist)

  • Saved              Order is placed by Wound and Product Specialist
  • Inqueue           Waiting for Approval
  • Billing Person approves and prints the order


Straight to PICK after it is approved.

Wound Cleanser Orders for the VA

Consumer Orders

Directly to In queue