On December 31, 2016, Fastcare was updated with new features that make it easier to operate and more useful.

Facility Nurses

  • Finalization is no longer required because evaluations can be edited instead of finalized. This will ensure that all data is updated and stored without requiring a final commitment step. The removal of the finalization requirement is noted on the new login page.
  • Facility nurses should contact Gentell Wound Education Specialists (WES) to place orders. Facilities can no longer place orders on evaluations.
  • In the Evaluation Form, if you choose Surgical as Debridement type, Fastcare asks for and requires Surgery Date, which replaces Debridement Date.
  • The Submit Observation button has been changed to Submit Evaluation for consistency.
  • Wound evals can be edited up until 3 am EST.

Gentell WESs

  • Stoma sites now have ICD-10 codes
  • A new class of wound called “Skin Injury” encompasses skin tears, abrasions, burns, MASD and “others.”
  • Wounds that are not debrided are not covered by insurance, so, if a wound has not been debrided, it is not tracked by Fastcare in the ICD-10 system.
  • Wounds that are autolytically debrided require 48 hours for debridement, so, if the debridement date is today, the wound is not eligible for two more days. However, it will become eligible in 48 hours and is tracked by Fastcare.