As of August 2017, Fastcare requires updated Professional Credentials for persons conducting wound evaluations. Fastcare requires these records because Medicare and other insurance carriers require someone with professional credentials to evaluate a wound in order to fund the products used to treat the wound.

An electronic signature is simply your acknowledgement that you have created this wound record. You do not need to sign the record with a stylus or finger: simply choose the green button at the bottom of the wound evaluation to save and to sign electronically. If you choose Cancel, you will not sign and the record will not be saved.

Your electronic signature will appear on Eval forms like this:

If your professional credentials are blank in your personnel record, you will see a Fastcare message requesting that you update your credentials. 

To update your credentials:

  1. Login to Fastcare
  2. Tap your the Personnel button
  3. Tap your name
  4. Tap Edit button for your info
  5. Enter your Professional Credentials such as RN or LPN.
  6. Tap the green Submit button at the bottom of the page to save.