This change applies to Gentell employees and requires that when you place a reorder (a “Refill Order” in Medicare terminology), you enter the quantity of remaining pieces of each product in the “Refill Count” column.

To calculate the Refill Count
, multiply the percentage of the month remaining by the maximum monthly order allowed by Medicare. For instance, if one week remains in the month -- that is, approximately 25% of the month -- then a monthly order of 12 items would be 3 remaining. A monthly order of 30 would be 7 remaining (rounding down since there are an extra 5 days in the year.)

Note that Refill Orders can only be placed 15 days after the last order was placed. If a refill order is placed too soon, you will not be able to order the same product.

You can see the orders in your facility by tapping the Show Orders button on the right.

Tap an order number in the list to display an order like this:

Note that the status column on the right shows that this is a new order -- that is, the first time this product has been ordered for this wound.

The Quantity for each order is limited by the maximum quantity allowed per month by Medicare.

A Refill Order -- an order for the following month -- can only be placed at least 15 days AFTER the original order.  When a Refill is ordered the Refill Count is the number remaining from the prior order.

Each order also displays whether a dressing is the Primary or Secondary dressing for the wound.