If you are a Gentell customer, and would like to edit an order, please contact your Gentell Wound & Product Specialist.

How can I edit an ICD10 order?

NOTE:  As of September 26, 2017, product quantities are calculated according to Medicare rules. Product quantities cannot be changed. 

1. Tap the Review Orders button

2. Tap the name of the facility.

Orders are grouped by facility, and are approved together.

3. Edit the facility information

Facility information is listed at the top of the Review Orders page. Tap the underlined blue links to edit information about the facility.  Orders for this facility are listed below.

4. Scroll down to review dispensing orders. To edit, click on the blue order number.

All orders for this facility are grouped together below the facility data. Scroll down to review each order. To edit an order, tap on the underlined blue order number.

5. Tap the Edit button.

To edit, tap the Edit button in the line of buttons beneath the order.

6. Edit, add a Note, and Save the order.

Edit the order by changing quantities, deleting items (DEL), specifying Primary and Secondary dressings, changing Frequency of Dressing change, and adding notes.

Make sure that you Save the order to continue.

NOTE: If a product has a quantity that is specified by Medicare, that quantity will not be modified when saved. If you believe that the Medicare quantity is incorrect, please see the Fastcare Product Administrator.

NOTE: Product quantities to the left of the Primary and Secondary fields are not recorded. Zero indicates no value.

7. You can review changes.

Fastcare tracks order changes, so you can see changes you have made by tapping the Show Change button. 

After reviewing changes, tap the Back button.

8. Approve the Order.

After examining an order, tap the Approve button.