This question only applies to Gentell Product Administrators. This capability is not visible to other users.

Product management is available under the Products button.  

To manage product categories, tap the Product Categories button after tapping Products.  You will see this screen:


  • The categories, All Woundcare Products and All Skincare Products include all products that appear on the retail Gentell web site. If a product is NOT included in one of these categories, it will not appear in those groups on the web site. However, if the product is in another group -- for instance, FD -- it will appear in the Foam Dressings category.
  • Products can be in multiple categories:  for instance, a collagen can be in CLG and also in All Woundcare Products
  • Products can be in no categories.  It may be helpful to keep a discontinued or suspended product in the database; removing the products from categories will ensure that it does not appear to the public or on order sheets.
  • For Medicare calculations
    • All active collagen products must be in the CLG category.
    • All active alginate products must in the AD category.
    • All active foam products must be in the FD category

To choose products in a category, tap Edit next to any category (see screen above), select the check box next to the products in that category, and tap the green Update button at the bottom of the Edit Product Category page.