Surveyors are state or other workers who are responsible for monitoring or inspecting the level of care at a nursing facility. Surveyors cannot enter data, but they can view reports and wound history on individual residents. By using Fastcare, surveyors can quickly access data to expedite their audit.

To add a surveyor to a facility, contact the Fastcare administrator or  Only a Fastcare Administrator can add a surveyor to a facility or headquarters group.


A surveyor logs in with an email and password at                   Tap here for more info on logging in

Features available to Surveyors

After sign-in, a surveyor sees a limited set of options in the first row of buttons:

  1. The Facility button enables the surveyor to choose reports available in second row of buttons:  wound Eval Forms, Facility Reports that summarize all the wounds in the facility by type, and wound Trend Reports that show the progress of individual wounds.
  2. The Personnel button in the first button row displays the personnel at the facility who use or who have access to Fastcare. 
  3. The Resident button in the first button row enables the surveyor to find specific residents, and to investigate data and wounds related to that resident.