Fastcare does not present products in the order matrix that are not approved by Medicare for treating wounds according to their most recent wound evaluation. These rules define which products do NOT appear in the order matrix:

1. Low Exudate Rule

If EXUDATE AMOUNT does not equal MODERATE or HEAVY, then the following products cannot be ordered:

  • Super Absorbent 2”x2"
  • Super Absorbent 4”x4”
  • Super Absorbent 5”x5”
  • Super Absorbent Adherent 2”x2”
  • Super Absorbent Adherent 5”x5”

2. Low Stage Rule

If THICKNESS/STAGE does not equal 3, 4, UNSTAGEABLE or FULL, then the following products cannot be ordered:

  • Collagen 2"x2"
  • Collagen 4"x4"
  • Collagen 7"x7"
  • Collagen 1g particles
  • Collagen with Silver 2”x2”
  • Collagen with Silver 4”x4”

3. Small Product Rule

The Gentell Fastcare Administrator defines certain products as "small size" in the product set up.  A small size product will not appear in the product matrix when the wound size (length x width) is greater than 20.6 squared centimeters.

Small Size products as of 7/11/18  This matrix will change over time and may not be reflected in this example.