Only your Gentell representative, Director of Nursing, or Administrator can supply you with a Fastcare password for your facility. Fastcare is a secure system, so the Fastcare support staff cannot set up an account or provide a password -- though Fastcare can reset your password. (Click on the Forgot Password link on the sign-in page.)

If you need a password, would like to set up an account, or need to move to a different facility, please contact Gentell directly at 215-788-2700 or email the Gentell Fastcare Administrator, at

If you are a Director of Nursing or Facility Administrator, you can add or edit personnel at your facility by following these procedures: How do I add or edit personnel in my facility?

Software support specialists at only support the software, and cannot provide access to the service.  Fastcare data is subject to HIPAA compliance, so a person who knows the relationships must be involved in establishing or changing accounts.