Hospice facilities are set up like other facilities:

1. Choose the Facility button.

2. Tap the New Facility button.

3. Tap the drop-down menu under Facility Type and choose Hospice.

4. When you are finished filling in the New Facility form, tap the green Save button at the bottom. 

Why are Hospice facilities different?

The shipping address of a Hospice resident can be set for either a facility or the resident's home address.  (Some hospices are located within facilities; other hospices work with residents in their own homes.) It is critically important that you establish the correct shipping address for the resident, or the resident will not receive their shipment.

To edit the resident's address, find the resident, and tap on the Edit Resident button:

Scroll down to the pink area that contains the Ship To information, and enter the facility or home ship-to address.

Tap the green Save button at the bottom to save the address.