The quantity displayed on the order sheet is derived from rules set in the product management section of Fastcare. If the rules are not established, then a quantity of zero is displayed. 

In the example below, the Alternate Max has not been set, so a quantity of zero is displayed.


  • Bulkee Gauze is a product that can be both primary and secondary. 
  • If primary, the max allowed by Medicare qty is used. 
  • If secondary, the Alternate Max allowed by Medicare is used. 

The Alternate Max allowed by Medicare is used in either of these situations:

  1. The exudate amount is heavy and a primary product is not ordered
  2. The exudate amount is moderate or greater, a primary product is ordered, and the order has an alginate or collagen product

If the last condition occurs, and the Alternate Max for Bulkee Gauze has not been set, the quantity displayed is zero.

To correct the issue, contact the Gentell Fastcare Administrator, and ask them to edit the product and add the Alternate Max allowed by Medicare quantity. The Fastcare Administrator will contact Gentell billing or legal personnel to discover the correct quantity to set the Alternative Max allowed by Medicare for that product, and will update that field.