NOTE: Gentell customers can place product orders by tapping on the Place Order button within Fastcare. See this FAQ for an illustrated procedure:

Gentell personnel do not see the Place Order button within Fastcare because placing orders is associated with specific facilities.

Gentell personnel can instead use the product ordering system to place orders for premiums, documentation and sample products:  (You can also reach this by clicking on the Consumers link at the bottom of the sign-in page.)

After adding items to the cart, tap on the Cart icon and then Proceed to Cart

Choose I am a new customer and sign up with an email that is NOT your email. You will get a system error if you attempt to sign in with your usual Gentell email and password. The reason for this is that your Gentell email is already associated with other Fastcare functions. 

Once you establish an account for your samples, you can use the same email and password to sign in the next time.

When you reach the Payment section, enter a password such as Samples for Wisconsin trade show or Prospective Client Samples and click on Use this PO. All sample orders are reviewed prior to shipping.