Fastcare is a hierarchical system that complies with HIPAA guidelines to ensure that only personnel who need to know patient information can view it, and only personnel who work directly with the patient can edit it. For instance, a supervisor may view the patient record, but cannot edit the record.


Fastcare only enables changes to the current data. When a change is made, Fastcare records the name of person making the change. Only the most recent change is recorded. Past data – such as a wound evaluation – cannot be changed; in case of an error, a user must request a change by emailing the system administrator. When data is deleted, it is not actually removed, but marked as deleted so that it does not display; the original data is archived.


Wound Photos 

The only exception to this are wound photos, which can be deleted and re-captured by local personnel. Fastcare allows deletion and management of wound photos because, given the nature of photography, it is easy to capture a poor photo – for instance, a picture of the floor rather than the wound – and because wound photos are helpful, but not integral to the medical record. 

Deleting Users

Click here for information on deleting users in Fastcare.