Gentell Fastcare, the leading cloud-based wound evaluation and product ordering system, interfaces with PointClickCare (PCC), the leading cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) service for skilled nursing facilities. This means that your PointClickCare account can communicate patient records and status changes directly to Fastcare – without additional typing or duplicate patient records. This speeds up implementation, reduces clerical time, and improves accuracy.

How is this different from using standalone Fastcare?

The main difference is that patient records are instantly available. You do not need to set up new patients in Fastcare because Fastcare accesses patient data that is already set up in PCC. If patient information changes in PCC, it is updated automatically in Fastcare. You will still search for patients the same way in Fastcare, and the Fastcare system will operate as before.

Once a patient has been setup in PCC, the patient's records must be edited in PCC. The remaining options for editing a patient record in Fastcare will be the fields shown here:

These fields are maintained independently of PCC: that is, if you change them in Fastcare, the fields are not recorded or updated in PCC.

How do I discharge or change patient to "leave of absence"?

When Fastcare is integrated with PCC, all changes to patient status must be made in PCC. Once the patient status has been changed in PCC, it will immediately be reflected in Fastcare.

What if a patient has not been set up in PCC?

Since PCC is the main record keeper for patient information, the patient’s data must be recorded first in PCC.

Am I required to use PCC with Fastcare?

No. You can still use Fastcare on a standalone basis, but, once you connect Fastcare to PCC, PCC will become your single source for patient data.

Does Fastcare write reports back to PCC?

Not at this time. Fastcare reports are still available as always within the Fastcare system.

How do I connect my PCC and Fastcare systems?

Complete and email this note to  “Please connect our PCC and Fastcare systems. Our facility name and address are ___________________________________ and our PCC Vendor Facility ID is ________________. I understand that there is a $15 fee per month for this service.  Name: __________________________ Title:______________________ Phone:_____________________”  Once we receive your authorization, we will connect your PCC and Fastcare systems. It takes about 3 business days to complete the connection. If you do not know your PCC Vendor Facility ID, write, “Unknown,” and we will obtain the ID from PCC.